Athena Postgres

PostgreSQL query builder

Athena Postgres

This package provides a Postgres database for Athena.

for documentation on how to use Athena, see the Athena documentation or the Athena repository


install the package

$ dart pub add athena_postgres

Create a database connection

import 'package:athena_postgres/athena_postgres.dart';

final athenaSql = AthenaPostgresql(
        username: 'user', // optional
        password: 'password', // optional
        database: 'database', // optional
        timeoutInSeconds: 30, // optional
        queryTimeoutInSeconds: 30, // optional
        timeZone: 'UTC', // optional
        useSSL: false, // optional
        isUnixSocket: false, // optional
        allowClearTextPassword: false, // optional
        replicationMode: ReplicationMode.none, // optional

to open a connection


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